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What would Machine Learning do for our business if we already have a data warehouse environment and a data analytics team?

A data warehouse environment will fast track the deployment of Machine Learning, which depends on historical data and decisions to fit and tune machine prediction models.

Data analytics depends heavily on knowledge workers within your business to operate. Machine Learning will augment your analytics team with additional and dynamic data fitting and prediction capabilities and capacity.

Additionally, our Machine Learning appliances can potentially offload adhoc user requests to your analytics team making them more efficient. Machine Learning appliances are force-multipliers for your analytics and knowledge worker teams.

What additional benefits does Machine Learning bring as we are very happy with our current information systems?

Information systems are critical in driving your business process. When it comes to ambiguous decisions, knowledge workers are required to make the final decision, and information systems are only as smart as the codification of business rules by programmers and analysts.

Machine Learning models trained from your prior business decisions, will react and adapt to incoming data on a proactive, real-time basis. Machine Learning and information systems are not exclusive of each other. In fact Machine Learning appliances rely on data outputs from information systems.  They complement and support each other. 

Often the deployment of Machine Learning is not about efficiency. Instead it's about "weaponizing" your data assets to extract and exploit hidden data asset values for decision making which has been too tedious or complex to achieve in a timely manner, and leap-frogging your competitions.

Isn't big data for big organizations only?

That used to be the case. In the late 1990's a client for an outsourcing company we worked at installed a "big data warehouse". That client was one of the biggest companies in Western Canada. Today your laptop is more powerful.

We have reached a tipping point with computing power. We can help you capture your data and apply the proper Machine Learning appliance technology and capacity to enable this journey for you, in a practical and effective manner.

How can you add value when you do not understand our business, which is unique when compared to your other clients?

Correct. Our methodology requires collaboration between our team and yours. We have broad business experience in multiple areas and so can work effectively at a non-technical, business oriented level. But we will need your team's engagement and expertise throughout the process.

In additional, our experience is that every business produces data and has many processes that are fundamentally the same (billing, vendor payment, triage, forecasting, planning) that require, generate, and consume data. These are areas of opportunity for deployment of Machine Learning.

What additional efficiency would Machine Learning bring if we already run a very efficient team for management information reporting for our business?

Reporting is important but Machine Learning is different. This is about extracting additional value from the underlying data so that your business processes can be even more effective. On some occasions Machine Learning solutions would enable business processes or timely and quality business decisions that were not feasible before.

Machine Learning is not just about further optimizing your current performance. It's also a fundamentally new way of extracting hidden business values from your data by enabling business and operational decisions which were too tedious, complex, or slow to be executed feasibly in the past.

Optimization will only take us so far, new paradigms such as Machine Learning create an opportunity to move from incremental to step-level improvements.

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