• Take Notice

  • Three Rings of Power

  • Panning for Gold

  • It's All About Business

  • Preparing for the Gold Rush

  • How I Learned to Love the Machine

  • Your Place or Mine?

  • One-Night Stands

  • It's Not Complicated

  • Playing Catch-Up

White Papers

  • Text Classification
    (Text Triage)
  • Numerical Classification
  • Semantic Analysis
    (Nuance/Reviews Triage)
  • Regression
  • Clustering
    (Market Segmentation)
  • Feature Reduction
    (Key Attributes Identification)
  • Similarity Analysis
    (Duplicates Identification)
  • Candidate Matching
    (GL Matching)
  • Basket of Goods Analysis
    (Bundling/Purchase Habits)

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