We approach every client engagement as a business engagement first and a technology engagement second. This means we work with you to understand the business objectives and possibilities before undertaking any technical work.

We propose, and refine with you, a specific methodology (path) depending on the nature of the engagement (see Our Services). This path will guide us from initial discussion through to engagement completion. We believe that open and transparent communication as well as a focus on doing what's right for everyone throughout our journey together is the key to successful engagements.

We use open source technology to enable rapid, minimal-cost proof-of-concept or pilot projects to confirm potential business results. Using open source technology also enables us to build platforms for our clients that are not proprietary and can be sustained without expensive license fees. We recommend, where appropriate, the use of your existing desktop and server computing equipment to minimize costs and eliminate delays in selecting and acquiring equipment.

Our approach to pricing our services is specific to each engagement and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.