Your organization is unique and the journey to increased performance through better data and data utilization will vary depending on a number of factors including your industry, organizational design, current data and IT maturity, and goals. The steppingstones below show the potential steps and paths your organization might traverse.

Our services help you navigate your journey by assessing your current state and then mapping out potential steps forward. We view each step as a separate service or project ensuring clarity of what is to be accomplished, as well as ensuring continued alignment to your goals as your journey progresses.

We recommend that organizations:

  1. Start with an initial assessment (“where are we in terms of exploiting our data as an asset, and what data do we have or need to exploit”).
  2. Undertake an initial proof-of-concept pilot project. The pilot project would be focused on demonstrating a “quick win” while at the same time providing your organization with valuable learning and experience.
  3. Reassess your data asset potential (minimize your awareness gap) and develop a better, fact-based strategy to exploit your data as a competitive asset (address your ability gap).

Please contact us to receive our Data as a Competitive Asset paper for additional insight into:

  1. Why is this worth your time and attention?
  2. What are Data Analytics and Machine Learning?
  3. How to get started?
  4. What are some examples of what might be possible?